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Next up: resurrect my English tech-blog?

It's somewhat ironic, but my favourite blog topic is the actual technical details of the blog itself. This is the same thing for most technical blogs I used to read back in the day too. Nowadays many of them have just died, it's not a common thing to keep a blog anymore. However, of those that exist, I bet many of them are a couple of posts on the process of setting up said blog in the first place.

So a bit like I'll probably do now. 🤷

That being said, I just resurrected my Norwegian blog by writing about orange marmelade (Norwegian) to set the tone for how useless that blog is meant to be. Occasionally a post did get picked up by some search engine and a limited amount of people found something useful, though this was the outlier.

Combining personal Norwegian + technical English #

With that long intro I'm trying to say I'll try to combine my two blogs in this iteration. My personal Norwegian blog, and my somewhat more on-topic technical English blog.

How to do that though? I'm using 11ty (Eleventy) for this blog now, something I've wanted for quite some time. I'll probably just keep them mostly intermixed at the start, though adding a collection tag for English and Norsk. Hopefully it won't turn out too terrible.